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"A Future Global Leader in the Making"- Vinayak Padarha

"Opportunities don't happen. You create them!"

Born on 28th Dec,1995. Mr. Vinayak Padarha is a 24 year aged, dynamic young blood entering the Industry, having the neck of learning new technology/softwares/techniques and applying the fundamentals at a very fast pace. As a bright all-rounder, he's a mix of sportsperson by blood and a bold leader. And because of the personality he has, he isn't afraid of breaking the stereotypes and coming up with his unique ideas to carry out the difficult tasks.

Rangon Ka Karwan- Event Organised in College- 2018

He is an alumni of one of the finest schools of India, "The Campion School", Bhopal. He completed his schooling in 2014. Finishing his schooling, he credits his school for providing him the all-round development and making him, whatever he has become as, an Individual today.

Sports Day- Rellay Winners -2012

From his school days, he has been exploring himself in almost all the domains that interested him, from sports, arts, drama, music to science exhibitions, representing his school in quizzes and participating at national level exams like NTSE and KVPY. This exposure equipped him with ample amount of experience in knowing his strengths and weaknesses, and a brought a sense of self-awareness. He pursued arts and played cricket religiously, represented his school on number of grand occasions. He pursued a senior diploma in fine-arts at just the age of 16.

Senior Diploma in Fine-Arts

Whatever he loved doing he kept on pursuing them religiously, they weren't just hobbies for him! This helped him a lot in shaping his personality a lot in a broad way (an all-rounder), a highly competitive, multi-talented, hardworking, ready to take calculated risks, leading the pack from the front, and believing in himself to break the stereotypes, and a personality with unshakeable self-esteem.

Inter College Cricket Tournament-2018

After, completing his schooling he pursued, B.Tech in Civil Engineering a 4-year degree programme from BML Munjal University, Gurgaon (A Hero Group's Initiative). Keeping in mind he wanted to extend his father's company to a national level platform. Throughout his college days he explored, all his qualities and talents both academic and non-academic. He participated in numerous events to show case his potential, focused like a hawk, organized and managed events which went on to break records, and became the benchmark for the future generations (A global organizer).

These helped him in exploring his talents and honing new skills, smartly strategizing (strategizer) to deal with various challenges (manager) and working with different personalities (The art of managing people, smart negotiator) right from his friends to Administration of the college, that came in while working for his goals. He made a dead Arts and Culture club go live throughout his tenure and was widely loved and praised by all. As a people friendly person he loves interacting with people having different backgrounds and learning from them. A dynamic set of people is what brings diversity on the table.

Halls of Summer- Art Event- 2018

Keeping in mind his primary goal, he wanted to be excellent at "Structural Engineering". He worked in a Structural Engineering firm as an intern, he grasped industry exposure to his career benefit. He also worked with a Government Driven Organization (EPCO-Environmental Planning and Coordination Organization).

He learnt designing of earthquake resistant Multi-Storied Buildings and Residential Houses, also carried out a live project of designing a Multi-Storied School Building and designing a Building for Court in Indore, during his Practice School-3 in college days.

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Meanwhile, he helped his father in his small scaled projects to learn more and hone new skills as per industry standards, and is continuing to do so till date.

B.Tech Degree-2019

Ever since his graduation and becoming an Engineer. Vinayak, has been working in the field of Structural Engineering gaining the skills and fundamentals of designing various Structures. He wishes to be an artistic Structural Engineer, a combination of Innovation, Aesthetics and Engineering. His current area of interest, is "Bridge Designing" for which he has pursued an Online Course extended by Standford University, US. As an avid learner, he eyes all the opportunities that lets him take a step forward towards his vision. And is continuing to learn and apply more.

He is ambitious about becoming the master of Project Planning and Management, keeps on updating himself according to the trends of Industry. Being a futuristic person, he loves honing new skills/upskills himself as per his needs, irrespective of any domain. Loves reading blogs of leaders (about leadership mainly) of various domains, experiences, books of whatever fantasies his mind, spiritually he believes in the exchange of energies. Believes in life-long learning, and a person should be humble enough to be grounded and grateful to the world!

B.Tech Convocation-2019

Being a strong believer in himself, he loves taking on challenges and proving himself on bigger stages of life. He is determined to be "Jack of all cards and be the Master of one!" He wishes to be a deadly combination of both Technical and Non-Technical skills (no-biases whatsoever), in short a highly skilled "One man army" and bring revolution in the society by constantly coming up with new technologies irrespective of any field, working with great minds and establish the country on the Global Map as the leader of tomorrow.

His bigger picture is to make his company and country a Global Leader of, tomorrow.

"The ones who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones that do."
A Gift, given by Vinayak's Loveable College Juinors
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