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Chartered Civil Engineer

Vishwas R. Padarha is an incredibly qualified Municipal Corp. Licensed Civil Engineer. With a number of years of experience working on engineering works and dozens of projects being successfully finished/completed, Vishwas R. Padarha founded the company and has all the skills necessary and experience to perform every type of project. He's 30+ years experienced professional and widely regarded as the Master of Residential and Industrial Construction. He's a Certified Chartered Civil Engineer from The Institution of Engineers (India). Being an avid reader of the Hour, he chose to continue his learning and also became a certified nutritionist. He believes, learning new skills and applying them for the betterment of society and his family is what is his life's main objective. By adhering to his ethics, he wishes to be the Industry leader who gets renowned for excellence, quality, performance, and highest client satisfaction in all types of construction or services.

Vishwas R. Padarha (Chartered Civil Engineer)
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