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Construction Site

Civil Engineering Services

Exclusive civil engineering services, for all needs. Our team of experienced Civil Engineers provides various services, according to Indian Standards.

Architectural Engineering Services

Various Architectural Engineering Services and many more..

Architectural Rendering Service

We provide world-class architectural rendering services wherein we model your buildings, property, or facility accurately using the latest tools, technologies, and workflows. With our services, you can better communicate your design intent to your stakeholders.

Tender Drawings & Document

Tender Drawings form an incredibly important stage in the process of bringing a project to fruition and can define either its success or failure. To ensure that its always a success our approach at VCCMS is to hold a series of design review meetings and visits with our clients taking them through all aspects of the design, layout, materials, and fixtures specification for the project and including all the decisions that are made in our drawings, schedules, and specifications. In providing concise information at the tender stage we ensure that there is cost certainty for our client's projects minimizing the amount of contingency required at the construction stage.

Interior/Exterior detailing and drawings

The interior or exterior detail drawing explains all the parts to be used for building your space, such as walls, floors, ceilings, lighting, furniture, etc., and consists of two parts:

  • Includes the layouts, elevations, cross-sections, and other details.

  • The bill of quantities includes a description indicating specifications and measurements for a project and is used to request quotations and to help the client compare prices and make decisions.

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