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Structural Audit/Assessment and Designing for AARTECH SOLONICS PVT. LTD.

Recently, we got the chance to visit an upcoming business organization named AARTECH SOLONICS PVT. LTD. The company is known for its various electrical products like conductors, insulators, batteries, ultra capacitors, etc.

Energy is the life blood of modern civilization. Reaching out to the needs of almost all types of energy-related industries, Aartech serves the energy sector by providing comprehensive & desirable system solutions and thus creating great value to its stakeholders. Aartech Solonics Ltd. is a System Solution Oriented R&D Enterprise in the field of Specialised and Selected Energy Applications. It provides technical expertise to all its customers in expanding the energy market across the globe.

Visit their website to know more-

We visited their manufacturing plant/factory based in the industrial area of Mandideep, Bhopal. The plant seemed to be aging and needed serious repairs/maintenance and a thorough structural audit to technically verify our claims.

Just by visual inspection, we founded various technical issues, trusses being overstressed resulting in excessive bending. The trusses being made with no technical engineering involved, they weren't technically sound. And thus making the roof very risky to stay underneath it. Also, suitable measurements were taken to further analyze the structure using the industry-standard software. The structure turned out to be technically unsound, and hence the consequences were visible. According to the bye-laws of Industrial Construction, every particular factory or industry is required to have it's structural inspection in 3 years itself, considering the safety of its workforce and its surroundings.

Attaching a comprehensive report of the whole process underneath, have a look to understand the whole process. The report itself is self-explanatory and has been made keeping in mind such that any common person can understand.

Aartech Solonics
Download PDF • 4.95MB

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