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A Humble Journey/Career of Shri. Vishwas R. Padarha

Updated: Jun 22, 2020

"There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work and learning from failure"~ Colin Powell, former U.S. Defense Secretary

Born on 6 Nov 1967 and brought up in Jabalpur (M.P) for most of his life. Mr. Vishwas R. Padarha belongs to a very down to earth and a humble Brahmin family/background led by his father Shri. J.P Padarha (Ex-Collector/IAS of Mandla(M.P)). He completed his schooling in 1983 from St. Paul's Higher Secondary Missionary School, Raipur(Chhattisgarh). He was regarded as one of the brightest students of his lot, and hence throughout his life he was awarded scholarships for being topper and his consistent performance throughout his schooling life.

After completing his schooling, he wished to become a successful Civil Engineer and also wanted to give it a try to Administrative Services Level Examinations (UPSC). Hence, he got admitted to Government driven Polytechnic College of Jabalpur and pursued a Diploma of 3 years in Civil Engineering. Completing it with flying colors. Meanwhile, he tried for UPSC but due to the poor economic situation of the family, he started working in the earliest times of his life.

Diploma of Civil Engineering- 1983- Govt. Polytechnic JBP

The day he completed his diploma, he started looking for gaining experience of the work, as any other fresher would do. He started working with "R.K Builders of Jabalpur (M.P)" from July 1986 as an employee and worked with the corporate till June 1988, for full 2 years. He received certificates of experience and appreciation from the organization. During his tenure at R.K Builders as a consultant's representative engineer, he did 3 large-scaled projects:-

  1. "Desh Bandhu News Paper Press", Jabalpur. The whole structure/Printing Press, he was responsible for all the Execution of the construction practices as a Site-Engineer.

  2. "Nerashrit Vradha Ashram" at Tilwara Road, Jabalpur- Project of Indian Red Cross Society, was a project of developing 5 acres, the structure having dormitory, recreation hall, developing the landscape of the campus and other medical center, with other basic amenities.

  3. "GCF Worker's Resident Society" at Ranjhi/Khamaria, Jabalpur- The project required development of the whole colony in 12 acres, including excavation, leveling of the plots, road development, sewer lines, colony septic tanks, boundary walls and the whole campus development.

Certificate of appreciation and the gained experience of work, working with the organization as an employee
Experience Certificate by R.K Builders- July 1986
Ceritificate of Experience and Character after working for 2 years with "R.K Builders"-1989

After leaving R.K Builders in 1989 and gaining ample amount of experience, he founded an Industry named "Med Chemicals" (As a partner, a pesticide industry) in Vidisha (M.P). He himself constructed the whole factory and ran the business for 3 years did manufacturing and marketing, and other business-related management on his own, till 1992. And left the Industry, to come up with his own work/organization of "Industrial Construction Consultant" named- "Vinayak Consultants" in 1992 itself.

  • Constructed "Arpan Tek Associates" a pesticide industry, in the industrial Area of Bhopal (Mandideep). From Building Planning, Construction of Foundation and leveling, overshade office construction, godown construction, machinery, and erection of Raymond Mill over the foundation. And developed the remaining area with basic amenities like roads and boundary walls, plantation, etc. for the most appropriate eco-balance all "Vastu Based". The total project area is 2.5 Acres.

While in parallel, he used his marketing and business management skills for "Akash Agro Chemicals ". And as a Municipal Corporation Licensed Civil Engineer he started making Industrial Drawings/Plans and Residential Construction Drawings and facilitated approval for various projects, from Municipal Corporation (Nagar Nigam).

He developed his team of dynamic Civil Industry workers, having about 70+ Experienced specialists labors (skilled labor, consisting of painters, carpenters, plumbers, etc.), Supervisors, and a Site-Engineer.

  • With his newly built team, he completed the construction of the industry named "H.R Chemicals", Deewanganj district Raisen near Vidisha. The project had 20-Acres area, developed 2 major shades (10,000sqft), worker's dining area, incinerator, abutting road with basic other amenities, and built them in record time.

  • Built the factory for "Mount Matter Pharmaceuticals Ltd." having total area of 3 acres. Building planning and complete execution, making plan for the construction of sheds, sterilization area of Glucose Manufacturing, and other works.

  • As turnkey projects, for different industrial projects executed different works like industrial sheds, effluent treatment plant, staff quarters, road construction, maintenance of industrial structures etc. for 5 years at C.J. GELATINES Ltd. at Mandideep industrial area. As an industrial consultant he, planned industrial health and safety drawings for numerous industries eg. "Natraj Proteins Ltd." Itarsi, Progressive Extractions Ltd. Mandideep, P&G Industry Mandideep, Standard Surfactants Ltd., Nahar Spinning Mills Ltd, United spirits Ltd. Ratibad, United Transformer Pvt Ltd., and others.

His first-ever Residential/House Construction project was carried out in 1993 of Mr. Deepak Yelene, Gautam Nagar, Bhopal as his client. Area of the construction being 1500sqft.

And since then, he completed more than 250+ projects of constructing homes and industries. Gave consultancy to numerous projects like construction of various schools having various needs, expansion joints consultancy and execution, carried out dozens of Industrial Constructions and was a major consultant for many huge scaled projects. And is still thriving towards coming up with his masterpieces in which people dwell, helping the more so hardworking Builders in achieving their dreams. Giving services of utmost quality and a relationship to fonder for a lifetime.

In this long, hardworking/rigorous, filled with different exciting, enthralling experiences and full of ups and down journey of 30+ years in the industry, he always studied researched and updated himself for the future and the betterment of the society. For he always believes, "it's we who are the developers of a better future and a nation as a huge responsible family". He wishes to extend maximum possible employment to the needy and talented souls, likes guiding youngsters for their future goals. After completing and successfully cracking all the necessary exams/stages laid by "The Institution of Indian Engineers" and adhering to all the norms laid by the prestigious Institution, he finally got certified as the Chartered Civil Engineer.

The Chartered Engineer certificate is often useful for the following purpose:-

  • To be impaneled as Valuer, Loss Assessor in various financial institutions like Bank, Insurance companies, etc.

  • To be impaneled as Chartered Engineer in the Original Side of High Courts, Central Excise and Customs, and other similar govt concerns.

  • To win contract of civil works from Municipal Corporation and similar govt bodies.

  • To be employed and/or promoted by foreign companies.

  • To practice as a self-employed consultant in India and abroad.

In general, the Chartered Engineer certificate being issued by the IEI (which is one of world’s oldest and largest professional bodies of Engineers), plays the role of recognition and acceptance of one’s techno-academic qualification and professional attainment on a global platform.

His mission of life is based on 5 E's- Exploration, Evolution, Engagement, Elaborate, Evaluate.

He always keeps in mind his values, mission, and thrives towards applying them throughout his career. Always working hard, towards building a better sustainable tomorrow!

"A man is made by his belief. As he believes. So he becomes!" ~ Lord Krishna

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