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Welcome to Vinayak Construction Consultants and Maintenance Services

Pioneer in Residential Construction, and Industrial Construction. Innovation being our 2nd name.

We’re a team of professional engineers and other experienced personnel working hard to improve the way our communities run. At, Vinayak Construction  Consultants and Maintenance Services, we understand that the decisions we make today have a huge impact on the global environment. This is why we strive to make sure our work reflects such high standards. Our company has been open for business since 1992. With Mr. Vishwas R. Padarha being its CEO having over 30 years of experience in various domains of CIVIL works, and is a Certified Chartered Engineer by IEI.

Learn About Our Services

What We Offer

We work within a large variety of sectors and undertake specific services, such as Construction Surveying, Building Planning, Structural Designing, home decorators, and much more. Whether your needs are simple or complex, our team at Vinayak Construction Consultants and Maintenance Services has the expertise and experience to find long-lasting solutions.

Brick House

Residential Construction and Infrastructure Designing

Functional, Aesthetic and Safe Design

Vinayak Construction Consultants and Maintenance Services provide clients with an expert engineering team and Industry-standard personnel equipped with diverse skills to meet various challenges across the Residential construction industry. Through Smart Structural Designs, we leverage our knowledge to reduce risk. With numerous projects successfully completed and plenty under the belt. Residential Construction is our forte! We’re constantly looking for new advancements and technologies to find the smartest and most optimal Construction Related solutions. We use high-tech, latest industry supporting softwares, like AutoCAD for making plans, ETABS, STAAD-PRO. etc. for complete structural design and analysis for supplementing our experience.

Flooring Wooden Floor

Maintenance Services

By Industry Experienced Specialists

Once we build it or anybody else does it for you, we don’t just leave and we don't mind extending our services on the projects that might've been done by some other company or an individual.

"VCCMS" offers construction maintenance services to our clients so that if you need a new door hung or plumbing fixed, or a new bathroom added, just give us a call. As with our bigger projects, we’ll make sure the job is done right, with as little disruption as possible to your regular business operations. With our construction management, we provide experienced personnel for any task you have, including:

  • Electrical and plumbing repair

  • Other emergency repairs

  • Remodeling/Renovation

  • Door & Window Replacement/Upgradation

  • General Carpentry, including a complete makeover of the already existing furniture.

  • Flooring

  • Painting

  • Waterproofing

  • Historic preservation is a passion for us! And we love our job!

Interior Design

Interior Designing and Renovation

Artistic, Beautiful and as per your needs

"We help busy families and individuals like you, achieve your ideal version of luxurious living; blending it seamlessly with practicality and your lifestyle needs."

  • We design people-centric environments across various needs and demands. We bring creative solutions, expert execution, and outstanding results to every project we touch. We take a heart-centered approach to design and will work hard to bring your vision to life. We obsess about the details because the details are what make for a dynamic and unique design.

  • We create spaces that will address your functional needs, but we also want it to speak to your personality and aesthetic vision. Basis of our designs can be summed up as eclectic, storied, classic, bold, timeless, thoughtful, with the masterful use of color, pattern-mix, and textures.

  • As Residential Construction Specialists, our diverse and multi-talented professionals are passionate, intense, and deeply client-focused.

We’re inspired by working alongside our clients to resolve complex issues and design highly energized environments where people thrive. Strategic, less time consuming, and highly efficient process, producing best results.

Solar Panel Installation

Solar Panel Installation

High-Tech and Catering various needs

Our Expertise in Solar Installation:-

  • ON GRID- On-Grid System do not need batteries and use common solar inverters and are connected to the public electricity grid. Any excess solar power that you generate is exported to the electricity grid.

  • OFF-GRID- In areas where electricity is not available, But want to use household appliances, mixers, fridges, this system is used there. It uses a solar panel, charge controller or inverter, battery.

  • WATER PUMP- Solar water pumping system operates on power generated using solar PV (photovoltaic) system. The photovoltaic array converts solar energy into electricity, which is used for running the motor pump set, photovoltaic array converts the solar energy into electricity, which is used for running the motor pump set.

Engineering Plans

Building Planning and Project Management

Safe, Stable and highly sophesticated

Large-scale engineering projects often require Building Planning and its management. As part of our commitment to socially-responsible engineering, we provide this service for all clients who require it. Our team is flexible and takes all environmental considerations into account to minimize environmental damage.

Image by Daniel McCullough

Industrial Health and Safety Drawings

As per Company Act

Vinayak Construction Consultants and Maintenance Services provide clients with an expert engineering team equipped with diverse skills to meet various challenges across industries. With a satisfactory number of projects, of building factories being taken under and successfully completed. Basically, preparing technical Drawings depicting site elevations, plan, sections, and Emergency Action Plan of the Industry or Factory in the making.

Civil Engineer Surveying

Construction Surveying

High Performance

Providing Construction Surveying is vital to maintaining safety in most projects we undertake at Vinayak Construction Consultants and Maintenance Services. Whether a project is in the Electrical or Environmental sector Construction Surveying is important in order to ensure that all engineering projects completed by our Civil Engineering Firm are safe, stable, and built to last.

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Estimation, Costing and Tendering

Extensively Detailed and Project based Approach

One of the most crucial components of the construction process, construction cost estimating is the process of forecasting the expense of building a physical structure. Understanding what a construction cost estimator is and the phases entailed is therefore essential to anyone who is concerned about how much their project will cost. Cost estimates are executed for many different types of construction projects, from building new structures to remodeling efforts.
Due to the risks involved, a major concern for both builders and clients is the financial impact of cost overruns and failing to complete a project. Therefore, we at "VCCMS" use industry standard approach, professional software and experience based approach to come up with the best possible service, we do extensive research to give our best result. Regardless of any sort of project.


Termite Control Solutions

Highly sophisticated process

The process of Termite Controlling in any sort of construction is a combination of 6 preventive stages. Right from Foundation level of the plot, filling, plinth till before flooring and woodwork in the home.
Post Construction, drilling holes in the affected area or floor, and then we treat with an appropriate solution and in the end, the area finally gets capped using a combination of solution and cement.


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Please allow us to serve you and make your dreams come true.
If you have any questions or concerns regarding our services, please contact us to learn more. We care for our customers.

F-203 Savoy South City, Phase-2, Gulmohar Colony, Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh 462039, India

+91-9893295302, 0755-4943975

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